Overview of Business

The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool Inc. (NEAFP) has been processing alpaca fiber in the United States since 1997, allowing alpaca farms of all sizes to gain access to commercially manufactured finished products. Our service combines small lots of like fiber from thousands of farms into large lots, utilizing economies of scale and saving a tremendous amount in manufacturing costs at each step of the process. We take pride in offering the widest selection of Alpaca Products made in the United States at the best prices. From the beginning NEAFP's goal has been to make fiber processing as simple as possible on the Farmer's end, so they can focus their energy on running the farm, promoting their animals, and successfully running their business.

The entire process, from bringing raw alpaca fiber off the animal and into finished goods ready for resale can take upwards of 6 months, and as you can see has many stops along the manufacturing chain. Farms running retail operations cannot afford to wait the entire turn around time so NEAFP sells off an existing inventory. Farms receive orders soon after placing them, allowing them to order items as they need them throughout the entire year.

There is no membership fee or yearly fiber clip submission minimum: we understand farms come in all shapes, sizes, and regions so you need the freedom to only process what you wish each year, as well as spread that fiber over several options to maximize your earning potential. As the U.S. fiber industry is in it's infancy, we understand the need to utilize all grades of fiber and offer products ranging from Lace Scarves to Rugs and everything in between, using all available grades of Alpaca Fiber. We are committed to continually improving all of our products between each manufacturing run as well as brainstorming and producing new items, made from all grades of fiber. To run a sustainable business it is counter productive to waste anything!

Getting started is as simple as placing your first order and sending in the fiber requirement to complete the purchase. In our product catalog you will see the manufacturing cost + the grades and weights of fiber for each product. We also offer Wholesale for farms and retailers who sell more finished products than their herd can support in Fiber Production each year. We look forward to helping you maximize the value of your fiber. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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For any other questions contact: Customer Support : support@neafp.com