NEAOBA Picnic and Fiber Collection - June 22nd, 2014


Gordon Long of NEAOBA will be running a fiber collection for NEAFP at the NEAOBA Members Picnic at Juniper Knoll Farm in Belmont, NH on June 22nd, 2014. This is a great opportunity for New England farms to get fiber to us for next to nothing, have lunch with other alpaca farmers from New England, and speak with Gordon about NEAOBA.

NEAOBA is charging a nominal service fee of running the collection of $5 for NEAOBA Members, $25 for non members. This is a flat rate, not per bag of fiber submitted. You can bring as much fiber as you would like!

NEAOBA is asking for people to RSVP for this event by June 20th, 2014 - you can RSVP by emailing EVENTS@NEAOBA.ORG .

This collection is open to farms submitting fiber to be entered into the fiber bank as well as fiber submitted to our 2014 Fiber Purchasing Program.

This collection is not eligible for free order delivery.

Click here to get directions to Juniper Knoll Farm


Hosted by Tom and Gail Garfield

of Juniper Knoll Farm

307 Bean Hill Rd.

Belmont, NH 03220