Q: How can I edit my existing shopping cart?

A: Click the Shopping Cart icon in the top left part of the website and Select 'View Cart.' Once viewing cart, you can remove items, adjust quantities ordered, and clear the cart all together. Just be sure to click the 'Update' button to make your changes permanent.


Q:How to mail in fiber?

A:All fiber mailed to NEAFP should contain a copy of the order requiring it or a copy of your Fiber Bank – Deposit Slip. This will ensure it quickly and accurately is attributed to the proper account.

Mail fiber to:


364 E. Main St.

Fall River, MA 02724

Once your fiber arrives, your order will be shipped or it will be deposited into your Fiber Bank account and you will receive an email confirmation with the totals and notes from our sorters.


If you do not have a fiber bank and would like to send in fiber for future orders, head to http://fiberbank.neafp.com and request a Fiber Bank Account.


Q: What is the status of my order?

You can always check the status of your recent order by logging in @ http://www.neafp.com and selecting 'Orders' in the 'My Account' box. Your order history will display at the bottom of the page and list it's current order step.

Here are the steps of our ordering process:

1) Open - Order has been received and is being reviewed for accuracy and fiber requirement (if any).

2) Waiting on Fiber - Payment has been processed and once the required fiber has been received it will be shipped.

3) Processed - Payment has been processed and the required fiber has been successfully deducted from your fiber bank. Order is currently being packaged to be shipped.

4) Complete - Order has been packed and shipped. At this time Customer's receive an email with the Tracking #.


Q: I can't remember my shopping (www.neafp.com) account password!

A: You can automatically reset your shopping account password by heading to http://www.neafp.com and clicking on “Sign In” and then the “Forgot your password?” link at the bottom of the popup.


From there, enter your email address and our site will email you instantly a link. Click the link and then enter your new password on the 'Edit Profile' screen. Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page once you've made all changes!


Q: The shopping site is not recognizing my email address!


A:If www.neafp.com is not recognizing your email address when you login, Select 'Register' and sign up for a new account. When we moved over to our new website in August 2011 some accounts did not transfer over properly, sorry about that!


Q: How can I participate in an upcoming fiber collection?

 A:Check out our newest guide, Participating in Fiber Collections, located in the Resources section on our website. It has all the information needed to start taking advantage in our fiber collections.


Q: How can I specify colors for products ordered?

A:Due to the nature of the fiber pool we can't guarantee first color choices but will always do our best to match them. Our color inventory for each product varies between manufacturing runs and all of our items are naturally colored, un-dyed. For up to date Color Inventory, use the "Current Color Inventory" PDF listed under Resources on the website.

When checking out, enter your first color choices for a specific product in the 'Customer Notes' box. It will be on the 3rd step in the check out process.


Q: I can't remember my Fiber Bank account login information!

A: Head to http://fiberbank.neafp.com and double check to see if the original default password emailed to you will work. If not, email us @ support@neafp.com or use the Contact Us form and we will manually reset your password to the default.


Q: How is NEAFP pronounced?

A: Our name is pronounced NEEF.

Q: Do you only do business with Farms in New England?

A: No! NEAFP has been doing business with Alpaca Farms and Retailers across the entire country since 1997. Do not be fooled by our name, we are a national company.

Q: How do I join and does it cost anything?

A: There is no Membership cost or application process. Simply browse our online catalog and place orders with us. Once you place your first order, you will be added to our customer mailing list and database. We send out monthly emails called NEAFP Notes regarding New Products, Special Offers, Business Resources, and other industry news.

Q: How does it work?

A: Farms and Retailers shop the online catalog for products they would like, pay the fee to manufacture and send us the required raw fiber. All products are shipped once payment and appropriate fleece are received. If the ordered product is out of stock or on back order, we will notify you right away, as well as try to provide an accurate time table of when you can be expecting your order. To reduce shipping time and cost, members are invited to check out our Fiber Bank. The wholesale catalog offers the same products with a different price list reflecting zero fleece contribution.For a more precise, step by step guide, please visit our How it Works section.

Q: Does "Clean" mean I have to wash my fleece?

A: No, we mean clean of vegetable matter, and as clean as you can get it without washing it. Hay, seedheads, toenail clippings, rocks, hypodermic needle covers, bailing string, dung, dirt, etc. should be removed.

Q: Will I be kept informed of the progress of my order?

A: When you first place your order you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that the order has gone through our online system and lists the required fiber for that order. Once we process your payment and deduct the required fiber, we will send another confirmation email with a PDF Receipt attachment for your personal records. Lastly, once an order ships out of our Mill our system will email you with all the appropriate Tracking Information. You will then be able to use the Carrier's website to track the shipment of your order.

Have a Fiber Bank Question? Head to the Fiber Bank F.A.Q. Page.

For any other questions head to our Support Page and Submit your Question. You can also reach us directly at the email address: support@neafp.com . We answer emails 7 days a week and it is by far the best and most efficient way of contacting us.


Be sure to check out all of our guides listed under the Resources section on our website. They cover all the basics for people looking to get started utilizing our services!