Survival - Large back on website


Survival - Large back on website Our first batch of Survival Socks - Size Large arrived yesterday and are in the process of being finished and labeled now. They are back on the website and can be ordered.

Socks on back order will begin shipping out this afternoon (12/17) in the order they were placed.

New orders placed today will begin shipping out Thursday, 12/18 in chronological order.

There is a very high demand for these socks and we will be working as fast as humanly possible to get them on their way to you. Please keep this in mind while placing your orders. As our initial shipment is limited, we may reduce the amount ordered for the next couple of days to ensure we can get these socks in as many farm's hands as possible. There are several more pallets on their way to us and our inventory will be back to normal by the beginning of next week.


Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!