Some Closeouts Added to Catalog


In preparation of our next big manufacturing wave we are cleaning up some odds and ends around the mill. There are two new closeouts added to the website!

We received a small batch of our Basketweave Infinity Scarves that were knit out of our Huacaya Alpaca Yarn instead of the usual Suri Alpaca Blend. They are beautiful and functional in every way but due to us not planning to carry this design in this yarn spec, we are closing them out.

This DK-Weight Yarn is perfectly fine and usable. We are listing it as a closeout due to the yarn getting too much agitation when it was being washed and finished. The extra agitation caused it to become a bit too fuzzy so we have winded it up into yarn balls and are closing it out.

Each Ball weighs approximately 3.5 oz with about 185 yards of yarn.