NEAFP's Referral Program is now Live!


NEAFP's Referral Program

We are happy to announce the launch of NEAFP's Refer a New Customer Program!

Existing customers can receive a $20 coupon code to be used on your next order by referring a new alpaca farmer to NEAFP. Share your personal referral link with them and when they sign up for an account and place their first order over $250 with NEAFP, you will receive an email with the discount code.

How to Get your Personal Referral Link

To get a copy of your personal referral link, login to your shopping account @ Once logged in, head to your "Profile Details" Page and scroll to the bottom:

Hit the Generate button to create your account's personal link.

Once generated, your referral program link will always be located at the bottom of your Profile Details page.

Just copy and paste the link to send to a prospective alpaca farm.

Once they click the link, register for an account, and place their first order over $250 we will email you the $20 coupon code to use on a future order!

There are no limits on how many new customers you can refer to NEAFP but this offer will only work when referring a new customer who also places their first order over $250.