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Article: Mobile Payment Survey Results


Mobile Payment Survey Results


by Brianna Paon

First and foremost we’d like to thank everybody who read our Square Mobile Payment Article as well as participated in our Alpaca Store Mobile Payment survey! Your feedback is extremely important to us and we of course wouldn’t be able to be here without the help and support of our customers and their flourishing businesses.

We created this survey partly to help us to gauge how our products are being carried forward into the world of retail, and what is offered in terms of payment methods. As we’ve concluded in that article, one of the most if not the most important favor you can do for your small business is offer the use of credit/debit cards. If you are not offering this payment alternative, you are running the risk of losing business to competitors, even if you have the best product and best overall brand message.


We are living in a time where quickness and convenience coincide with one another―nobody wants to feel like they are wasting their time simply by trying to buy your products and give you money. Judging by the results of the survey, we can conclude that an average of 87% of our customers (you guys!) accept payments through credit and debit cards, and out of that 87% a solid 65% use Square as their POS (Point of Sale) system.


For those who may be a bit skeptical, or think it isn’t necessary or of interest to explore the opportunity of mobile payment usage, I candidly ask you to think again. A loyal customer of ours had said it best, “anyone who doesn’t take credit is leaving money on the table.”

Some other notable survey result quotes:

"Taking credit/debit cards has increased my sales exponentially. I am also able to offer incentives and discounts to customers online AND as a thank you to those who have already purchased. I couldn't do the business I have without using Square. Love it!"

"We find the data collection of the Square system to be a real asset to our business. Sales tax reporting is a breeze; setup is easy for a non techie person; information on exactly what sold over any time frame is invaluable; refund processing is easy. wouldn't be without it."