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Show us your booths!


Hundreds of alpaca farms across the country are setting up booths at pop up markets each week and we want to share setup experience with all farmers who are out there beating the streets!

We are looking for alpaca farms to share pictures of their craft and market booths! We will be compiling a gallery to share with everyone in order to get people thinking of their own setups and how they can improve them for future events.

Along with pictures of your setup, we are also looking for any tips and tricks you’d be willing to pass on to fellow farmers.

As a little thank you for participating, and your willingness to share with the group, we will be giving away a Suri Lap Blanket to one lucky submitter! Each submission that has both a booth setup picture and a tip or trick will be entered in the give away.

NEAFP will be accepting submissions for the next few weeks - once we have enough we will be posting the gallery to our blog and social media pages for all alpaca farms to see and share.

The winner of the Suri Lap Blanket will be chosen at random and announced when we publish the gallery and article!

We very appreciate you showing us your booths and by sharing them with the alpaca farming community, everyone will take a little something back to make their own events that much more successful!

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