NEAFP's pricing just got simpler


NEAFP is excited to announce that we have simplified our ordering process by opening up the ability to purchase singles of each of our products! As NEAFP has grown and the volume of orders coming in has increased over the years, there have been certain aspects of our pricing model that did not scale. As we move forward, we felt it was time to re-visit our pricing model for both Fiber Pricing and Wholesale to make it simpler on your end while making processing and fulfillment more streamlined on ours!

Benefits of the Single Based Pricing Structure

  • Whether you need 1 pair or 400, you can now order exactly what you want in each item, size, and color - No more minimum product packages or mixed dozens!
  • No More Custom Order Notes - Specify size and color of each individual item as you add them to your shopping cart!
  • Save More when you Buy More - we are still offering Quantity Discounts on the majority of our products!
  • Know exactly what price point you are shopping from - Simplified Fiber Pricing and Wholesale Categories
  • Straight Forward Fiber Requirements for each individual item if you buy 1 or 50 @ Fiber Pricing

Updated Sample Product Listing: Survival Socks @ Fiber Pricing

Once you've added enough for the quantity discount, it will automatically be applied to your shopping cart!

Simplified Categories - Fiber and Wholesale - Know Where You are Shopping!

Just Say No to Custom Order Notes - Specify Size and Color for each product you buy!

With the update in pricing structure, there are some price increases

We know there is never a good time to raise prices but with the structure update comes some increases. In the last few years, the majority of our manufacturers have increased our costs. We've been able to absorb these increases and keep the majority of our product's price the same for the last 3 years but we've gotten to a point where we have to increase our product pricing in order to stay sustainable.

We've thought long and hard on the best way to implement these increases, and after running several models we found one that fit. About half of our products received approximately a 5% increase at the 12+ quantity discounts. We wanted to keep the pricing increase as low as possible on our higher quantity purchases.

We've increased the single price point slightly more than the original 3 pack price points. Although you are paying a slight premium to buy 1 of something, we believe that it will allow people to try out new products & see what sells in their community. As you try out new products and find success selling them, you can order at higher quantities to receive the bulk price discounts.

With this change in pricing structure, we feel that we have simplified our pricing model for our customers while laying the groundwork for a processing and fulfillment system that reduces errors and increases scale-ability. For the last 20 years, NEAFP has helped thousands of alpaca farms of all sizes gain access to a variety of products Made in the USA on the commercial scale. With these changes, we are in a better position to continue to serve your growing needs for the next 20 years.

Thank you for your continued support, the U.S. alpaca fiber industry would not be where it is today without it!

-Chris & Shelley Riley
+ Sean, Mike, Ana, Brianna, Dave, Matt, Fatiha, Evan, & Corey