Becoming a Regional Collection Point

1. Save on Shipping

NEAFP covers shipping from collection points with over 500 lbs of fiber. Get your and other local farms fiber to us for free. Farms that run collection points also receive free shipping on their product orders based on the total amount of fiber collected.
2. Great Farm Promotion

Collection Points are showcased on our website and in our email newsletter reaching over 2,500 alpaca farms across the USA. We also will help promote your farm and fiber collection to area farms.
3. Move U.S. Alpaca Forward

Become an alpaca fiber hub in your region to provide a service that gives farms a sustainable outlet for their annual harvest. Half the battle in fueling the growth of the U.S. commercial fiber industry is getting the fiber out of the hills and into production.

What we're looking for in a

Regional Collection Point

Receive & Load Freight Trucking

Collection Points should have the ability to receive and load freight trucks either on their property or on the main road.  Fiber will be palletized to be handled and loaded onto the truck with either a forklift, farm tractor, or lift gate.

Palletize & Store Fiber Safely

While farms are dropping fiber off before the cut off date it needs to be stored safely out of the elements. We will provide farms with resources on how to source free pallets and tips on various ways other collection points have had success efficiently packing for transport.

Availability for Scheduled Fiber Drop Offs

Collection Points can choose the best time period to allow scheduled fiber drop offs ranging from just one weekend to several months. We will set a deadline so farms can get their fiber to your location in a timely manner before we arrange pickup.


Interested in becoming a regional collection point?

Contact Support!


Mention all that apply:

1. Can Receive and Load Freight Trucking

2. Able to Palletize Fiber

3. Have Space to Safely Store Fiber

4. Available to Schedule Fiber Drop Offs | | 508 659 6731 |  @neafpco