Guide: Fiber Pricing vs. Wholesale

NEAFP offers two tiers of pricing: Fiber Pricing and Wholesale

Fiber Pricing is the most cost effective way of purchasing our U.S. Alpaca products because the $ cost of the goods takes into account the raw fiber submission towards the purchase. By contributing your alpaca fiber towards the purchase of our finished goods, you are able to get the very best price available, increasing your profit margins, and utilizing the fiber your herd produces each year.

All of our alpaca products listed in the FIBER PRICING product category take into account the raw fiber submission towards the purchase. Each item will have it's $ manufacturing cost + Fiber Grade and Weight Requirement listed in the description.

Here's an example listing at the Fiber Price point:

As you can see, 1 pair of Survival Socks will cost $8.85 + 0.4 lbs of Prime Alpaca Fiber to complete

How to Utilize Fiber Pricing

Getting started purchasing items at fiber pricing is as easy as placing your first order. Once the order is received, payment will be processed and we will mark the order as 'Waiting on Fiber.'

An email notification with the order's total fiber requirement and mailing instructions will give you all the information you need to pack your fiber up and get it to us.

Once the fiber arrives our sorters will sort through it and verify the fiber contents. It generally takes 2 to 3 business days and your order will be released for shipping.

Looking to speed up order fulfillment or cut down the amount of fiber shipments you make each year to NEAFP? Sign up for a Fiber Bank account at to start banking your fiber ahead of future orders.

The FiberBank allows you to pre-emptively send your fiber in to NEAFP and then just place orders against it throughout the year.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale is more expensive than our Fiber Pricing but does not require alpaca fiber to complete the purchase. Wholesale is great for farms who sell more finished goods than their herd can support each year in fiber production and retailers looking to offer U.S. Alpaca products but do not have access to raw fiber.

Our Wholesale pricing is just like ordering from other vendors. An order is placed, payment is processed, & the products are shipped.

Inside our Wholesale category, all our items are listed at pricing that does NOT require raw alpaca fiber to complete.


Purchasing at Wholesale is as easy as adding the items from this category to your shopping cart and following the normal checkout procedure. For first time, non-alpaca farm retailers, there is a initial minimum purchase of $350. After your first order, there are no minimums!

Still unclear? We are happy to answer any specific questions!

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