Spring Production runs are starting to hit the shelves!


Back in Stock!


We are all channeling our inner yogi and finding the balance between last year's busy season and ramping up inventory for the upcoming season!

In the last few weeks many of our staples in various sizes and colors are beginning to finish up and replenish on the website. To see the inventory levels available in each item, size, and color be sure to head over to our Inventory and Production Page (requires account login to view).

Here are a few items that have started to hit the shelves:

  • Classic Alpaca Hat - Grey and Brown Base (Tuckerman Style is a few days behind)
  • Survival / BOLD Survival Socks - All Sizes, Colors
  • All Terrain and Fingerless Gloves - All Sizes, Colors
  • BOLD Boucle Mittens - All Sizes, Colors
  • Boucle Mittens - All Sizes, Colors
  • Glittens - All Sizes, Colors
  • Low Pro Socks - All Sizes, Colors
  • Everything Basket
  • Square Bottom Purse
  • 2x3 Rugs
  • And More!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Inventory and Production page to stay in the loop as more things finish up in manufacture and hit the shelves!