Fiber Collection

NEAFP offers several ways farms can get their fiber to us.

Fiber Collection at Events - Regional Collection Points - Shipping Fiber

Fiber Collection at Events

Each year we participate as a vendor in many alpaca shows scattered across the country and are happy to haul your fiber back to our mill for free. We also deliver orders for free to shows we are attending as a vendor, just place your order at least a week before the event and save on shipping costs both ways!

2017 Change: Third Grade fiber NOT Eligible for Event Collections

2019 Upcoming Alpaca Shows / Collections

2019 Carolina Alpaca Celebration
February 16th & 17th, 2019
Concord, NC

Stay tuned as more shows are added throughout the year!



WI Regional Collection - Complete, Reports Heading Out

OH Regional Collection - On Deck

Showtacular 2018 - Delivered to NEAFP

VA Regional Collections - Preparing for Shipment to NEAFP


NY Regional Collection - Complete 11/3

KY Regional Collection - Complete 10/2

WA State Regional Collection - Complete 9/13

Ruthie NEAOBA Fiber Crawl - Complete 8/18

 *Fiber U* - Lebanon, MO - Complete, Reports Out 8/21/2018

9th Annual Shearing Competition - Complete, All reports out 8-9-2018

2018 Parade of Champions Auction - Complete

MAPACA 2018 - Complete

NAAS 2018 - Complete

Southern Alpaca Celebration 2018 - Complete

2017 ABR Fall Fest CO - Complete


Regional Collection Points

2017 Change: No Third Grade fiber Eligible for Regional Collections

Get your fiber to us for FREE by dropping it off at a regional collection point. NEAFP covers all freight shipping costs back to our warehouse.

Each collection point has a cut off date which is when ALL FARMS must have their fiber dropped off by. From there we will arrange pickup and delivery to our warehouse. Please note that it will take some time for your fiber to be delivered to us and then sorted through based on how much fiber is coming in at that particular time. The greatest benefit of utilizing a Regional Collection Point is the cost to the farm, free, since all shipping costs are paid for by us.

How to Drop Fiber off @ a NEAFP Regional Collection Point

  1. Sign up for a Fiber Bank account @
  2. Create a Master Deposit Slip for your total fiber submission. The slip should have the total weight of each of the three basic grades of fiber you are submitting.
  3. Create copies of the master deposit slip for each bag you are dropping off. Each bag MUST contain a copy of the master deposit slip to ensure it is properly identified and ends up in the correct fiber bank account.
      • All small bags of fiber from individual alpacas should be put into larger bags and only include a copy of the master deposit slip in the large consolidated bag of fiber. This will help keep your fiber together in transit.
      • No BOXES please! Fiber will be vacuum packed and palletized, boxes take up precious space and add unneeded weight to the freight shipment. This is why it's very important each large bag has proper identification.

Once your fiber is trucked back to our mill it will be sorted through and checked into your fiber bank account in about 10 to 12 weeks.


We will email you a Fiber Bank confirmation with the totals of each grade entered into your account, all notes from our sorters, and any other information to help you make future fiber submissions as successful as possible.

Contact your closest collection point to coordinate a convenient time to drop your fiber off before the next trucking date.

NEAFP is actively looking to open more regional collection points across the United States. Find out the benefits and qualifications for becoming a potential NEAFP Regional Collection Point.

Regional Collection Points

2017 Change: No Third Grade fiber Eligible for Regional Collections

OH * KY * MA * NY * VA * WA * WI


Google Map Directions


Skylar Brook Farm - Dave Forrer

Open for Fiber Drop offs

By Appointment: Email Dave to schedule a fiber drop.

All Fiber should be properly marked and compressed as much as possible before dropping off.



12853 Bair Road

Orrville, Ohio 44667


Click Here for Google Map Directions

Opens for 2018:

Closed for 2018

River Hill Ranch Alpacas - Alvina Maynard

By Appointment - Contact Alvina to Schedule your Fiber Drop Off


(859) 408-5132


680 River Hill Drive

Richmond, KY 40475


Click Map for Directions


Northwoods Alpacas - Belinda Grant

By appointment, contact to schedule your fiber drop off.


6499 North Lake Rd.

Bergen, NY 14416



Phone: (585) 494-1371


Google Map Directions

OPENS April 9th thru June 15th, 2018

Poplar Hill Alpacas - Patty Fuller

By Appointment



2621 Mount Tabor Road

Blacksburg, VA 24060


Phone: 540.953.0439




Click Map for Directions

2018: Accepting fiber by appointment

June 10th through July 15th, 2018

Dreamland Alpacas - David McLeish Jr

By appointment, contact to schedule your fiber drop off.


13050 Bell Lane
Meadowview, VA 24361


Phone: 276-494-6798



Click Map for Directions


Marshview Honey and Alpaca Farm - Jim and Karen Hesprich


W4343 Wild Goose Rd.

Waupun, WI 53963


Phone: 920-517-8156



Drop off Availability


Please contact Jim to coordinate a convenient time to drop your fiber off.


Click Map for Directions

Drop off fiber year round at our warehouse!

NEAFP Warehouse


115 N. Seventh St.

Fall River, MA 02720



Phone: (508) 642-9313

By Appointment - Contact us to schedule your fiber drop and/or order pickup.

Open: Monday through Friday - 8am to 4pm


Google Map Directions

Closed for 2018 Season

Lone Tree Alpacas - Jack & Jackie Bruner

Fiber Drop Off available by Appointment



Phone: 360-864-2271


140 Carol Lin drive
Toledo, WA 98591

Stay tuned as more regional collection points are opened across the country!

NEAFP is actively looking to open more regional collection points across the United States. Find out the benefits and qualifications for becoming a potential NEAFP Regional Collection Point.

Shipping Fiber

In our experience, the two best options for shipping fiber are USPS and UPS.

For packages under 25 lbs in total weight, USPS Priority is the most affordable option with the current DIM Weight changes implemented in 2015 by both UPS and FedEx.

To get the very best price on USPS Priority, we recommend you create your shipping label through the USPS website and print it at home. USPS is offering a discount on labels printed at home through 2015 and you can also skip the line at the post office and drop it on the counter or schedule the pickup directly from your farm.

For larger fiber shipments over 25 lbs and containing several boxes, UPS Ground becomes more economical but it is important for every farm to explore their options and find the very best bang for their buck.

Along with weight, the volume and number of packages in your shipment also greatly affect the shipping cost so it's important to reduce the size of each box and the total number of packages in the shipment. To do this, we recommend farms pack their fiber to compress it as much as possible and reduce the amount of extra space in each package. Each box should be practically bursting at the seams, just be sure to reinforce the edges with packing tape so it doesn't actually burst in transit!

Watch our short video on ways to properly compress your fiber submission!

To help reduce your costs, we also recommend against insuring your packages. In the very rare case that a package goes missing in transit, we will use your tracking information to identify it and add the fiber to your fiber bank account while the package makes it's way to us.

All fiber shipped in to us must be properly identified with either a Fiber Bank Deposit slip or a copy of the Invoice the fiber is for. This way we can get your fiber sorted and checked into your account as fast as possible!

Shipping Address (Commercial):


115 N. Seventh St.

Fall River, MA 02720