Fiber Collection

There are several ways to get your fiber to NEAFP.

Collection at Events * Regional Collection Points * Shipping Fiber * Collection Sort Status


Fiber Collection at Events

NEAFP runs Fiber Collections at Alpaca Shows and Events we are attending as a vendor.

We also deliver orders for free to shows we are attending, just place your order one week in advance and select "Pickup @ Event" as your shipping option.


2024 Upcoming Event Fiber Collections

Fiber U 

Lebanon, MO

July19th-July21st 2024

Collection Hours:

Friday, July 19th: 12pm to 4pm

Saturday, July 20th: 8am to 5pm

Sunday, July 21st: 8am to 1pm

**All Fiber is to be boxed for this collection**

Event Webpage:



Stay tuned as more shows are added throughout the year!



2024 Event Collection

Acceptable Fiber:

Huacaya and Suri: Blanket, Neck, & Upper Leg



Updated 05/03/2024

As regional and event collections are delivered to NEAFP they will enter the sort queue.

Each collection will be sorted through in the order they are received and we keep this space updated so farms can get an idea of where their farm's fiber sits in the queue.

On the Sorting Table

VA Regional Collection - Sorting Now - 5/3/2024

Eastern Alpaca Jamboree 4/2023 - Harrisburg, PA -On Deck 5/3/24

Mail / Mill Drop Offs - Sorting Now, 5/3/24




Fiber U Collection - Delivered to NEAFP July 2023

PA Collection #1 + PAOBA FLEECE SHOW - Delivered to NEAFP August 2023

NY Collection #1 and #2 - Delivered to NEAFP Sept. 2023

PA Collection #2 - Wysong - Delivered to NEAFP Sept. 2023

WI Collection - Hesprich - Delivered to NEAFP October 2023

WA State Collection - Effen - Delivered to NEAFP October 2023

EMPIRE Showtacular 2023 - Delivered to NEAFP November 2023

KY State Collection- Delivered to NEAFP December 2023

PAOBA EASTERN ALPACA JAMBOREE 2024 Harrisburg PA- Delivered to NEAFP April 2024


WI Regional Collection - Complete 12-2023 - Complete

MN Regional Collection  -  Complete 11/2023, Complete

EMPIRE & NEAOBA Showtacular Alpaca Show - Syracuse, NY - Complete 11/2023, Reports Heading Out

WA State Collection - Tahoma Vista Fiber Mill / Effen - Sort Complete 10/4, Reports Heading Out

KY State Collection 2022 - Sort Complete 10/4

PA Regional Collection #2 - Julie Wysong - Sort Complete 9/23

NY Collection #1 and #2 - Grant and Clark - Sort Complete 9/23

PAOBA Fleece Show Collection + PA Sheesley Collection #1


Maine & New Hampshire Regional Collections 2022 - Complete 4/17/2023

FIBER U 2022 - Lebanon, MO - Complete 4/5/23

Virginia Regional Collection #2 - Complete 3/20/23

Virginia Regional Collection #1 - Complete 3/20/2023

MAPACA Jubilee 2022 - Harrisburg, PA - Complete 12/2022




Regional Collection Points


Each year alpaca farms volunteer to be regional fiber drop-offs so area farms can get their fiber out of the field and into production.

Compared to farms mailing small lots of fiber individually, utilizing regional collections is a more economically feasible option.

NEAFP will arrange transportation for the collected fiber once the drop-off window has closed.

Our goal is to open regional collections around the country wherever there is enough demand.


2024 Regional Collection

Acceptable Fiber:

Huacaya and Suri: Blanket, Neck, & Upper Leg



 2024 Regional Collection Transportation Fee

To help offset growing transportation costs, we are implementing a $10 transportation fee per 50 lbs submitted using Regional Collection Points.

Fiber Transportation Fee Rate Example Table

(based on incoming weight)

1 to 50 lbs = $10

51 to 100 lbs = $20

101 to 150 lbs = $30

151 to 200 lbs = $40

The transportation fee applies to incoming weight and will be invoiced to each farm once their fiber has been sorted through by NEAFP.

The transportation fee will help offset the growing costs of running the collections and give us the resources to expand them in the future.

The Fiber Transportation Fee is waived for all host farms running regional collections and fiber drop-offs.


2024 Regional Collection Points

MN * KY * PAWA * MA * NY * VA * WIME 

Stay tuned as more collections are confirmed and added!



Sunrise River Alpacas

Peggy Pearson

2024 Fiber Submission Window:

July 20th- September 22nd 2024

By Appointment

Phone: 651-674-5690



42160 Ferry Rd.
Harris, Minnesota

Google Map Directions

Farm Website



Poplar Hill Alpacas

Patty & Les Fuller

2024 Fiber Submission Window:

 May 1st thru June 15th, 2024

By Appointment

Phone: 540-953-0439



2621 Mount Tabor Road

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Google Map Directions

Farm Website


Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

Julie Wysong

2023 Fiber Submission Window:

July 20th - August 12th, 2023

By Appointment

Phone: 717-359-9989



580 Basehoar Rd

Littlestown, PA 17340

Google Map Directions

Rainbow Mountain Alpacas

Diane Sheesley


June 17th - July 23rd (Hard Cut Off)

By Appointment

CELL: 814-952-2306



2368 Saint John Rd.

Punxsutawney, PA 15767

Google Map Directions

Farm Website


Northwoods Alpacas

Belinda Grant


August 12th until August 27th, 2023

By Appointment

Phone: 585-409-3533



6499 N Lake Rd

Bergen, NY 14416

Google Map Directions

Claddagh Farm LLC

Sarah Lamanna


July 22nd until August 26th, 2023

Phone: 315-243-3782 - TEXT to set up appt.



6905 Stebbins Rd.

Lafayette, NY 13084

Google Map Directions


Misty Acres Alpaca Farm

Connie & Red Laliberte

Transported to NEAFP end of July 2023

By Appointment - Call Red

Phone: 207-441-0343



3071 West River Rd.

Sidney, ME 04330

Google Map Directions


Marshview Honey and Alpaca Farm

Jim and Karen Hesprich


June 15th - August 4th, 2024

By Appointment

Call or Text: 920-517-8156


W4343 Wild Goose Rd.

Waupun, WI 53963

Google Map Directions

Marshview Alpaca Farm Facebook



Year-Round - Tues. to Fri.

By Appointment

Phone: 774-704-5897



115 N. 7th St.

Fall River, MA 02720


La Vida Alpacas - Tahoma Vista Fiber Mill

Jean Van Effen


July 13th-August 17th 2024

By Appointment

Phone: (360) 894-1273



15631 159th Ln SE

Yelm, WA 98597

Google Map Directions


Round House Alpaca Farm

Sheryl Fisher


JULY 13th - AUG. 17th, 2024

By Appointment

Phone: 859-494-8663



470 Boyers Chapel Road

Sadieville, KY 40370

Google Map Directions

2022 Regional Collection Point Links:

KY * PA * CT * WA * MA * NY * VA * WIME

Stay tuned as more collections are confirmed and added!



Shipping Fiber directly to NEAFP

All fiber shipped to NEAFP must be properly identified with either a Fiber Bank Deposit slip, Fiber Purchase Program Slip, or the Order Invoice the fiber is allocated to.

This way we can get your fiber sorted and checked into your account as fast as possible

Shipping Address (Commercial):


115 N. Seventh St.

Fall River, MA 02720


In our experience, the two best options for shipping fiber are USPS and UPS.

For packages under 25 lbs, USPS - Priority or Retail Ground are the most affordable options with the current DIM Weight changes implemented by all major parcel shippers.

To get the very best price on USPS, we recommend you create your shipping label through the USPS website and print it at home. This will also allow you to skip the line at the post office or arrange for it to be picked up.

For larger fiber shipments over 25 lbs and containing several boxes, UPS Ground becomes more economical but it is important for every farm to explore their options and find the very best bang for their buck.

With the changes to dimensional weight factoring into the shipping cost, it's critical to reduce the volume of your shipment by compressing your fiber.

All excess air should be removed from each fiber bag to reduce the size of your box as much as physically possible.

Each box mailed in should be practically bursting at the seams, just be sure to reinforce the edges so it makes it during transit.