Homegrown Products: Our two latest Regionally Grown Projects!


Over the last four years NEAFP has begun working with natural fiber cooperatives, regional breed organizations, and individual farms to create unique, locally grown finished products. Locally sourced products have been trending in the food movement for 15+ years and the buzz is moving towards natural fiber clothing and accessories. We are excited to share our two most recent projects!

Working with the New England Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (NEAOBA) for the 2nd year in a row, we’ve collaborated to produce the NEAOBA Alpaca Sock. This exclusive alpaca sock is made out of fiber grown on New England based farms and manufactured in the United States.

The breed organization facilitates the collection of fiber and we oversee taking that raw fiber out of the field and moving it together through our alpaca supply chain. By working together the regional breed organization is able to offer their members an exclusive product made using their fiber along side neighboring farms, making it a regionally based product.

Regional breed organizations are able to easily meet our custom production run minimums by working together with their member base but large farms (or small groups of farms) are also able to gain access to this program.


Morning Beckons Alpaca Farm wanted to create a sock exclusively made from fiber grown on their farm. By meeting our custom manufacturing run minimum of like grade (blended colors), we were able to produce a Morning Beckons Alpaca Sock made with fiber exclusively grown on their farm. Leveraging our supply chain, they are able to offer a truly locally grown alpaca product to their community.

In 2019 we plan on opening up a few more production slots for more regionally grown homegrown projects so if you or your regional breed organization is interested be sure to reach out.


Let’s collaborate!