2023 U.S. Alpaca Fiber Purchase Program

Status: OPEN

Calling U.S. Alpaca Fiber Producers

Fiber Requirements and Payout | How to Submit Fiber | Advantages

NEAFP is opening up its fiber purchasing program to purchase an additional 35,000 lbs of U.S.-grown alpaca fiber in 2023.



2023 Alpaca Fiber Purchase Program

Requirements and Payout

NEAFP's buying fiber that meets the following requirements:

  • U.S. Grown Huacaya Blanket Fiber Only
  • Fiber Diameter of 28μ micron and under
  • Staple Length: 3" to 6"
  • Overall Uniformity (Minimal Coarse Guard Hair & Short Cuts)
  • Free of Contamination (Vegetable Matter, Mold, Mildew, Moths etc.)

The total per lb will be based on overall quality determined by NEAFP sorters.


Acceptance and overall quality will be decided on these main criteria: Average Fiber Diameter, % of Strong Primary Fibers (Guard Hair), Staple Length, and overall uniformity.

Farms submitting fiber meeting our requirements will receive between $3 and $5.50 per pound.


  • Fiber that Qualifies @ $5.50 per LB:
    • 21 micron and under
    • 4" or greater Staple Length
    • Uniform in Staple and Fineness - Low % Guard Hair
  • Fiber that Qualifies @ $4 per LB:
    • 25 micron and under
    • 3" or greater staple
    • Uniform in Staple and Fineness - Low % of Guard Hair
  • Fiber that Qualifies @ $3 per LB:
    • 28 micron and under
    • 3" or greater staple
    • Mostly uniform in Staple and Fineness - Minimal % of Guard Hair

How to Submit Fiber for Purchase

  1. Each alpaca blanket submitted should be kept separate so it can be sorted through based on it's own merit.
  2. Each fiber purchase submission MUST contain a Fiber Purchase Submission Slip.
  3. You can submit your fiber to us by dropping it off, mailing it in, or taking advantage of an alpaca event or regional collection. Head to the Fiber Collection Section to find out the best way of getting your fiber submission to us.

Note: Fiber submitted for purchase at an alpaca show collection or regional collection point will have a longer lead time for evaluation and payment based on when the fiber shipment will be arriving at NEAFP's warehouse.

Have over 400 lbs of fiber to submit for purchase? Contact us to discuss freight shipping options

Create Your Fiber Purchase Slips!

NEAFP Fiber Purchase Advantages

  • NEAFP is NOT requiring fiber submitted for purchase to be pre-tested or pre-sorted, saving you the added costs of pre-submission steps. Each blanket should be separated from the rest of the animal's fiber and free of contamination.
  • By selling us your fiber, you are supporting the U.S. alpaca industry and helping fellow farms stay ahead of growing demand for their finished products. This purchased fiber allows us to continue to scale up our finished goods manufacturing while freeing up resources to prototype with new manufacturers and increase our product offerings.
  • Our Fiber Purchasing program is open to ALL U.S. Alpaca farms, no matter the size. Once we meet our fiber purchase requirements for 2023 we will be closing down the program and creating a waitlist for the next call for fiber.