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Our *NEW* DK Knitter's Yarn is now available in FAWN!


We've added Fawn DK to our lineup of natural yarns!

Earlier this year we announced the release of our new DK Knitter's Yarn, featuring an all-natural blend of fiber. We're excited to introduce the same 70% Alpaca, 30% Merino blend now in Fawn!


This new All Natural DK Weight Knitter's Yarn is made using U.S. Grown Alpaca blended with U.S. Merino Wool. It's soft, warm, and cozy and the DK weight is fast knitting and perfect for a wide range of patterns.

Skeins are 3.5 oz and approximately 185 yards each. This yarn is a 2 ply, giving it nice hand and improved strength for a wide variety of projects.

Soft, smooth, and bright - a truly beautiful yarn!

Contents: 70% US Alpaca, 30% US Merino

Needle Size: 9-10

p.s. Can't get enough of our new All Natural DK Knitter's Yarn? Check out our DK Weight Unicorn Yarns available now as part of our Limited Small Batch category!