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About Us

The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP, Pronounced NEEF) is an alpaca fiber processing service. By combining small amounts of fiber from thousands of farms in to large lots, we are able to utilize large U.S. commercial manufacturers and take advantage of economies of scale. By doing so, we can offer alpaca farms access to a wide range of professionally made products, at the lowest possible cost and risk.

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Our Advantages

+ No Membership Fee or Start Up Cost

+ All products Made in U.S.A. with U.S. Grown Alpaca Fiber

+ 20+ years experience commercially manufacturing alpaca in the USA

+ Most competitive pricing in the U.S. Alpaca Industry

+ Offer products that utilize all grades of Alpaca Fiber

+ Quick order turn around time - all orders that meet their requirements ship within 1 to 2 business days

+ Offer both Fiber Processing and Wholesale Solutions

+ Fiber collections across the country and Fiber Bank to bank fiber for future purchases

Our Company Core Values

+ U.S. Grown, U.S. Made alpaca products

+ Constantly improving and adding products to showcase the many attributes of alpaca fiber

+ Commitment to the success of our customers and the U.S. alpaca industry as a whole

+ Work with farms and businesses of all sizes

+ Make commercial scale processing as straight forward and risk free as possible on each individual farm's end

- Our History -

The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool was founded in 1997 by three fiber artists who dreamed of sharing the wonders of Alpaca Fiber with everyone in North America. Luckily, New England was densely populated with century old textile mills in desperate need of a niche market to keep them in operation. With the help and commitment of many talented Alpaca Farms, Fiber Artists and Mill Owners, NEAFP's dream has grown into a flourishing business.

In the early days, most manufacturers had little experience with alpaca fiber; it was a very risky time to start a mill while the rest of the North American Textile Industry was on a steady decline. Rather than reinventing the wheel, NEAFP organized itself as a loosely coupled network, leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience that surrounded it. As NEAFP started to identify manufacturers to build its network, one continuous message rang through.

U.S. mills were eager to work with our small quantities and invest in the future of alpaca although they wanted some type of commitment that their hard work would not be shipped overseas once the alpaca nut was cracked. As a practical matter, we adopted a policy to only produce U.S. made Alpaca Products and as it turned out, this was enough of an incentive for U.S. manufactures to work with us.

Our manufacturing partners are century old businesses, employing generations of families throughout their communities. It is interesting to experience how U.S. textile mills have re-invented themselves and truly come full circle. What NEAFP sees is people working together and doing whatever it takes because they know the mill, and their jobs depend on it. Likewise, it is important for all alpaca farms to embrace the fiber aspect of their businesses for the industry to have longevity and sustainability.

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