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Product Spotlight: LEAF Shawl


An Elegant Shawl made from Mother Nature's Finest Alpaca Fiber


NEAFP’s LEAF Shawl is perhaps our most elegant product, a delicate knit shawl made of light fawn suri alpaca blend yarn. The shawl perfectly showcases suri fiber's natural luster and beautiful drape and is sure to add a romantic touch to any outfit.


The leaf pattern knit and suri yarn together have produced an amazingly intricate design all while being soft and luxurious to the touch. Generously sized at approximately 22" wide by 72" long, our LEAF Shawl promises to warm cold shoulders on chilly evenings while still being incredibly lightweight.

The perfect accessory for your next special occasion, this show stopping shawl is even more beautiful in person, where its delicate leaf pattern can truly shine.
Contents: 60% US SURI Alpaca, 40% Recycled NYLON