DYED Cable Knit Beanies now available!

We are happy to announce we've added a splash of color to our Cable Knit Beanies. They are now available in Egyptian Blue, Simply Sage, Crimson Red, and Slate Grey at both Fiber and Wholesale pricing.

Need it for NAFD? It's not too late!


ups ground map


Need some last minute additions for your upcoming open house? We can help.

NEAFP is shipping all orders that meet their requirements (payment + fiber) within 1 business day of receiving them so get your orders in this weekend to ship for NAFD! Use the above UPS Ground time table map to determine your best shipping option. Just mention during checkout that you need your order by NAFD and we will get it out to you a.s.a.p.! If by chance your shipping choice won't reach you in time, we will contact you with your best options so your package makes it there before your open house visitors!

New scarf now available!


Our new Diamond Cut Scarf is a truly one of a kind item that you won't find anywhere else. We've matched fine U.S. alpaca fiber with a unique design to make a scarf that stands out in the crowd. The scarf is extremely long and can be wrapped countless ways to suit any occasion, it measures approximately 100" x 8". This is a unique item for the 2013 Fall and Winter season and will be sold in limited quantities until our inventory is depleted.


Available @ Fiber Pricing and Wholesale pricing today!

New Hats available in New Colors!


We are happy to announce the addition of our new Alpaca Beanie. It's available in some amazing colors: Moss Green, Egyptian Blue, Hunter Orange, Crimson Red, and Simply Sage.


These alpaca beanies are available in 3 packs at both Fiber and Wholesale pricing today!


Classic Watch Caps are now available in dyed colors too!


All Dyed products are available in limited quantities while inventory lasts.

Cable Knit Scarves back in stock and now larger!

We are happy to report that our Cable Knit Scarves are back in stock and ready to ship. We have also increased their size for 2013. They measure approximately 72" x 11" . With the new increase in size they can be worn a number of different ways. They are available in White, Fawn, and Heather Brown.

Diabetic Socks in Medium are Back in Stock

We are happy to report our Diabetic Socks are back in stock in size medium. They are available in Lt. Fawn and Heather Brown. Thanks for your patience!

NEAFP's office and mill closed July 4th and 5th


Our office and mill will be closed this Thursday and Friday for the 4th of July holiday. We will be back open on Monday July 8th.


We wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th weekend!

May's NEAFP Note is now out


In our latest newsletter we debut our first round of dyed products, announce the availability of the Calm-A-Lid, and discuss the spring alpaca show season.

Read it all here: http://eepurl.com/zGrtL

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Calm-A-Lid now available for purchase!


We are happy to announce the Calm-a-lid is now available for purchase! Head to the catalog to check it out


What is the Calm-a-Lid?

The Calm-a-Lid is a non-invasive head covering for alpacas and other camelids for use in handling and procedures. The Calm-a-Lid reduces stress by blocking and protecting the animal's vision, making it easier to work with.

The Calm-a-Lid offers eye protection for the animal. Alpacas do not close their eyes during shearing and their eyes can come in contact with dust and fiber. These have the potential to cause damage and even blindness.

The Calm-a-Lid was developed during ground-breaking studies of camelid reproduction. With stress being a huge influence on reproduction, it was key to find a way to minimize stress as much as possible. Stress can cause abortion, varying body weight, and health issues. Thus the Calm-a-Lid was born.

However, the Calm-a-Lid doesn't just work for research and ultrasounding - it was designed to be used during nearly every procedure necessary for your animals. Check-ups, nail trimming, teeth trimming, injections, and even shearing are only some of the wonderful times to employ the Calm-a-Lid. It is non-invasive, unintrusive and it protects your animal's eyes during these procedures. It will not only make things less stressful, but also faster, safer, and easier than ever before!


© 2011 calm-a-lid llc. patent pending 


"We have used the Calm-a-lid on our alpacas here at UMass for over a year. I find it works very well for fractious animals to calm them down without drugs. I have used it successfully for reproductive exams, foot trimming, and shearing. I recommend it to anyone for their alpacas and llamas."

Stephen R. Purdy, DVM
Associate Professor of Veterinary Education
Director of Camelid Studies
Director of Animal Management, UMass Center for Agriculture
University of Massachusetts Amherst
President, Nunoa Project Peru


"At Ice Pond Farm we have successfully used the Calm-a-Lid with three challenging alpacas.
The first was a Peruvian import who would cush, scream, and spit during every procedure. With the Calm-a-Lid applied, Sunshine's screams are much more subdued and she does not spit. Why spit if you can't see a target!

The second animal is an athletic girl who tends to buck during procedures, making it difficult to perform a neck vein blood draw. In this case, application of the Calm-a-Lid resulted in Enya standing like a statue for the entire procedure.

The third case was an aggressive young male at a neighboring farm. Once applied, the Calm-a-Lid transformed him into a perfect gentleman - even allowing us to calmly lead him into a trailer.

We have had outstanding results using the Calm-a-Lid with difficult animals in challenging situations, and can readily recommend this product. Nicely done!"

Jeff Groene and Sonya Hanson Ice Pond Farm Fiskeville, Rhode Island www.icepondfarm.com

New Regional Fiber Collection Point



We are happy to announce our first fiber collection point in Churubuscu, Indiana at WindSwept Farms owned by Jack and Anita Greider. NEAFP pays all shipping costs from a regional collection point so drop your fiber off before the next trucking date and get your fiber to us for free. WindSwept Farms is within 3 hours of Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, and Chicago, helping make putting your fiber to work with us much more cost effective by reducing your shipping costs to next to nothing.

Along with being a fiber collection point for NEAFP, Jack and Anita Greider operate a full service alpaca farm offering many services including but not limited to: Custom Blended Alpaca Feed, Gate Sales, Animal Sales, Stud Services, and several fiber related events throughout the year. For a full list of their services and more information about their farm and animals, be sure to check out their website at http://www.wsfalpacas.com/

WindSwept Farm is open 7 days a week for fiber drop offs, contact them today to coordinate a convenient time to get your fiber dropped off and ready for the next truck pickup.

  Next Trucking Date: July 1st, 2013

Once this first round of fiber is picked up we will announce the next trucking date for this collection point. We expect to have two trucking dates each year but will add more as needed based on the volume of fiber coming in.


Head to the Regional Collection Point page to learn everything needed to successfully get your fiber dropped off.

4th Annual Shearing Competition


4th Annual North American Alpaca
Shearing Contest


We are happy to announce we will be a sponsor for the 4th Annual North American Shearing Contest . Here are all the details:

Want to have some fun?
Show off your alpaca shearing skills?
Hang out and swap tips, stories & gear info with other shearers?

Attend the 4th Annual North American Alpaca Shearing Contest!

Come to compete, to watch or Volunteer, either way plan to have some fun!

  Date: Saturday June 22nd, 2013

Time:   8am Start


Marlee Farm Alpacas
330 Rupert Mountain Rd
Pawlet, VT 05761

Entry fee: $69

Fiber Classing award sponsored by NEAFP. Click Here for more information.  See the rules for complete list of prizes.

The rules will reward the performance that meets the alpaca breeder’s expectations.

Fleece quality, look of the alpaca and time to shear will be considered.

Kevin O’Leary, an AOBA judge and alpaca breeder, will judge the competition.

Classes based on all levels of experience (# of alpaca shorn/yr) and an open class.

Space is limited to 30 participants so sign up soon.North American Alpaca Shearing Contest

$2000 in prizes will be awarded.

Pride of competing and succeeding.

And the fun of getting together and having some laughs with other shearers and breeders!

Who’s in?  Register today!

Spread the word to your fellow shearers too!





Volunteers needed for:
Fleece handling
Alpaca handling
Fiber clean up
Score keeping
Photographer and/or Videographer

Register to volunteer today!


New and Improved Ankle Sock now available!

New and Improved Sock: Low Pro Alpaca Sock

We are happy to announce our new and improved Ankle Sock, The Low Pro Alpaca Sock. We've teamed up with a new manufacturer to add many great features.

This low profile design has alpaca terry loops through the entire sock for cushion, comfort, and maximum moisture wicking. There is a heel tab to keep the sock in place and prevent rubbing. The arch band wraps around the entire sock for a proper fit and the heel and toe have been reinforced with nylon for increased durability. Hypo-allergenic, un-dyed, and naturally odor resistant.
Head to the website to check them out!

Available at both Fiber and Wholesale Pricing.


USPS Saver added to Shipping Options


We've recently added the USPS Saver choice to the list of shipping options and are experimenting working with the post office for smaller sized orders. UPS and FedEx both recently raised their ground service rates, it especially affects smaller sized orders under 6 lbs. We know that shipping can be costly, especially on small orders so we are hoping that by offering a better option through the post office we can help everyone cut down their shipping and handling costs.

The post office does take slightly longer to process and deliver orders, it's tracking is also not as accurate as UPS or FedEx but there is a decent price difference in the services for small packages. Once you get into larger sized packages, the shipping rates become very comparable across all the services so we will continue to use UPS exclusively for the larger sized orders.

Closeouts added to catalog, Spring cleaning started early!


Hi All,

We just re-activated our CLOSEOUT category in the product catalog and have added some new items we need to clear out. We have new inventory and styles on the way and it's time to part with these items. Be sure to check the category often as we will be leaving it up permanently and adding new items periodically throughout the year.


Check them out here!


2/25 Update: We've added some more Abnormal Survival Sock dozens to the closeout page as well as some waste baskets. We plan to add items every few weeks so keep your eyes peeled as most items are in very limited quantities and will move quickly.


Bunkering down for the Blizzard!


Hey All,

We will be closed for the rest of today (Friday 2/8/2013) to get home safe and sound and prepare for Winter Storm Nemo. It's predicted we will be receiving about 2 ft of snow and blizzard conditions overnight. We hope you and your alpacas are safe and sound throughout the weekend weather. We expect to be back up and running on Monday morning!



NEAFP Note: January 2013 - Year in the Rear View!


NEAFP Note: January 2013 - 2012 in the rear view! - http://eepurl.com/unT45


Bouclé Mittens back in stock in MED!


Bouclé Lined Alpaca Mittens are back in stock in size MED. We currently have the MED available in Charcoal Grey.


They are back on the site and ready to ship!

Driving Gloves back in Stock!

Happy New Year! We are happy to report our new Driving Gloves are back in stock in size Medium and Large. We now have all three sizes available in all three colors, Fawn, Brown, and Charcoal Grey.

Holiday Shipping Time Tables


'Tis the season to be jolly, and very BUSY!

We are shipping all orders that meet their requirements in 1 to 2 business days and plan to keep this pace throughout the month of December.

We encourage everyone to get their holiday sensitive orders in as soon as possible to ensure it reaches you with more than enough time to spare.


NEAFP will be shipping right up until the morning of Christmas Eve, 11am on 12/24/2012.

Our office and mill will be closed from December 25th until January 2nd 2013.

Use this UPS Ground time table map to plan your order time frames:

UPS ground map


Thank you all for another amazing year, we look forward to running strong right into 2013!