Article: The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly


The Importance of being Mobile Friendly

By Brianna Paon
Would you like to know a wild fact? Studies show that 91% of people keep their phone within three feet of themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—pretty crazy, but not surprising. It is 2016, which, in comparison to ten years ago, is a time where many if not most people practically live on their phones. When they are trying to use the Internet, they do so on their mobile devices 9 out of 10 times. Just about anything you need to know can be found right at your fingertips now. This is why it is so unbelievably important for businesses, especially small businesses, to be on board with making their website, online stores, and overall content mobile friendly. The thought may seemingly be overwhelming considering how technology is evolving faster than businesses can keep up, but making a mobile-friendly website compatible with all platforms is simpler than you think. A mobile friendly web presence will prove to be beneficial for generating revenue as well as attracting new customers to your physical and online farm stores.

It is no doubt that you have put in a great deal of time and effort to make your business the best that it can be—but if you are skipping out on making the face of your business readily available to mobile devices, you could be turning down a whole lot of potential business. An additional research study shows that 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site. How unfortunate is it to lose out on business to other competition simply due to somebody’s 30-second-long, poor browsing experience? Recently, Google and other major search engines have begun prioritizing search results by how mobile friendly the web pages are. As more people access the web more of the time using a mobile device, it's important to keep your business on their radar by catering to this growing trend.

Fortunately, there are multiple website-building platforms that are both inexpensive and easy to use. Many of you may already be utilizing one of these platforms, but ones we have found to be the overall best are Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and Weebly. While Weebly is known to be extremely user friendly and flexible, Squarespace allows more importing and exporting of blog content from other social media platforms to help tie all of your data together in one place. Shopify is very simple and clean and allows up to 70 different payment methods (wow!) where Wix has some great features with very cool integration's as well. Each platform has overlapping settings with one another, yet all have unique features of their own. Your decision in choosing a website-building platform should depend on your volume, your staff, your target market and whichever is easier for you to navigate through. The easier it is for you to navigate through your site, the easier it will most likely be for your customers too. In addition, all of these platforms include some beautiful design templates that you have the option of picking, making it easier for you to choose an appropriate theme for displaying your farm store.

While you want your website to showcase your products with aesthetic appeal, its main priorities should revolve around customer convenience and saving time. Even a tiny chunk of time is crucial to many people in this day and age, and any second that is hassle-free is lastingly beneficial. As you can tell, there are a multitude of advantages to making your website a mobile-friendly platform, and if you haven’t hopped on board with it yet, there is no better day to get started than today. It will not be too long until you are wondering how your business ever managed without it!

September NEAFP Note: A Little Thank You & Becoming Mobile Friendly


NEAFP Note: A Little Thank You & Becoming Mobile Friendly
September 2016

In case you missed out our latest email newsletter just went out. In September's NEAFP Note we cover:

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  • Article: The Importance of Becoming Mobile Friendly
  • Take Our Online Farm Store Survey!
  • Farm Store Locator Registration
  • Upcoming Alpaca Shows


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Aug. NEAFP Note: 2 Weeks left to Stock UP & Tools to Increase Sales


NEAFP Note: Two Weeks left to Stock Up & Tools to Increase Sales
August 2016

In case you missed out our latest email newsletter just went out. In August's NEAFP Note we cover:

  • Just Two Weeks left in our Stock Up Sale
  • Article: Increase Your Sales
  • Take Our Survey!
  • Latest Catalog Additions
  • Important Fiber Collection Dates
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Article: Use Gift Cards to Increase Sales


Increase your Sales this Holiday Season

By Brianna Paon

Over the course of the past few years, many farms have seen an immediate pop in sales simply by accepting additional payment methods other than cash. Less people are carrying large amounts of cash and are transitioning to using debit or credit cards for the majority of their daily purchases. With the steadily growing use of card payments, small businesses are beginning to incorporate not only debit and credit cards, but gift cards as well, due to their convenience and flexibility for everybody involved----the buyer, the receiver and the merchant. They are easy to set up and even easier to spend.

Gift cards are an extremely useful asset for any business, large or small, due to the simple fact that they help enhance what every business aims for: increase in sales. There are always new and creative methods one can come up with for generating extra revenue, but having gift cards available for your customers does much of that work for you! It is estimated that 72% of customers using gift cards are more likely to spend more than the value of the card. People are typically less hesitant to buy a high-priced item at its full price because it is easy to view a gift card as “free money”, making them feel less bad for spending more of their own money in addition. Gift cards are also flexible because they allow the buyer to choose a designated amount based on their budget. They also allow the person receiving the gift card to choose something of their liking, lessening the inquiry of returns or exchanges.

One of the most popular POS systems that small businesses are utilizing now is SQUARE. Fortunately, Square now offers personalized gift cards offered in several tiers to work with businesses of any size. As a bonus, these gift cards also work as excellent marketing tools. Look at it as your gift card being essentially the same thing as your business card, except with monetary value, helping to better your business further through brand awareness.

An awesome advantage to using Square gift cards is that there is no additional cost other than the physical cards themselves----no redemption fee, no contract, no monthly subscription. They are reasonable in price and very simple to use! Redeeming a gift card is as easy as taking a debit or credit card through SQUARE. Using gift cards, or any cards for that matter should be a simple and easy process for both the customer and the merchant. As our experience shows, the more options you give your present and future customers to pay for your alpaca products, the more you increase the total number of transactions and overall sales revenue.

Not currently using SQUARE to process credit and debit payments? Not a problem! There are a number of other gift card programs that offer very similar features at similar costs----any program you choose will prove to be beneficial in multiple ways, including a spike in sales and brand awareness in your local community at the very least. If you are looking to scope out additional gift card program options aside from Square, check out some of the resources provided below so that you can choose what is best for you and your business for this coming holiday season!

Other program options:

Further reading:

Survey: Help us serve you better!


NEAFP Needs your HELP!

As a service provider for U.S. Alpaca farmers that's business is only successful when you are successful, we need some information!

We are going to begin offering more alpaca farm and small business related resources to you all in the very near future.

To fine tune that information so it directly relates to your current and future business practices, we periodically will be releasing quick surveys to find out what farms across the country are doing to run their businesses.

We will be analyzing (& sharing) all the information we collect as resources and articles in future NEAFP Notes!

Please take 2 minutes to fill out our (very) brief survey on Payment Methods!

Hunter Orange Watch Caps and Alpaca Beanies back in stock!


We just finished up our first batch of Hunter Orange Watch Caps and Alpaca Beanies!

They are back on the website and ready to ship.

Back in Stock: Watch Caps, Cable Beanies, Alpaca Beanies, & Radar MASH Hats


We've just added more color options available in the Knit Hats listed above!

Our Stock Up Sale has ended, Thank you!


Our Stock Up Sale has ended, Thank you!

Historically the month of August has always been the hottest and one of the busiest here at NEAFP. During the dog days of summer we've started working through this year's fiber harvest and farms have begun ramping up their inventory for the fast approaching Fall and Winter sales season.

To jump start the Fall and hopefully bring us all a little break from the heat, we are excited to launch our annual Stock Up Sale!

Let's make this August NEAFP's sweatiest month yet!


FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $500
10% OFF Orders over $1000

The Stock Up Sale will run until August 31st, 2016. All Stock Up SALE promotions will automatically be applied to your shopping cart once it qualifies.

Have fiber in the queue? Not a problem! Take advantage of the sale now and let us know what collection your fiber is in the queue from.

The 10% OFF discount will not be applied to socks already receiving the case price discount or 5 dozen packs of Boot Inserts. This sale cannot be combined with other promotions. This sale can only be applied to items currently in stock.

One Shade of (Slate) Grey Mittens now available in limited quantities!


We've begun doing small DYE runs of our unlined Alpaca Mittens to offer a bit more color. This first limited batch is available in "One Shade of (Slate) Grey". We've added 3 packs to the website at both Fiber and Wholesale pricing - check them out!

Some Closeouts Added to Catalog


In preparation of our next big manufacturing wave we are cleaning up some odds and ends around the mill. There are two new closeouts added to the website!

We received a small batch of our Basketweave Infinity Scarves that were knit out of our Huacaya Alpaca Yarn instead of the usual Suri Alpaca Blend. They are beautiful and functional in every way but due to us not planning to carry this design in this yarn spec, we are closing them out.

This DK-Weight Yarn is perfectly fine and usable. We are listing it as a closeout due to the yarn getting too much agitation when it was being washed and finished. The extra agitation caused it to become a bit too fuzzy so we have winded it up into yarn balls and are closing it out.

Each Ball weighs approximately 3.5 oz with about 185 yards of yarn.

New Addition to Spindle City Collection: Granite


Spindle City Collection: The Granite Headband

We are happy to announce the latest addition to our Spindle City Collection: The Granite Headband. This blur like pixelated pattern was inspired by the granite bedrock that makes up Fall River, it's iconic granite mills, and much of the Narragansett Bay.

via Fall River Granite Wiki

The Granite Headband is available and ready to ship!

Want to learn more about The Spindle City Collection? Check out our short introduction video:

NEAFP closed for 4th of July Week


NEAFP's office and mill will be closed for our annual Summer Vacation during the week of 4th of July.

We will be closed Friday July 1st through Friday July 8th and re-opening on Monday July 11th.

During this week we will not be processing orders so please get your time sensitive orders in before hand! All orders and support submitted during this week will be handled beginning Monday July 11th.

We hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to hitting the ground running when we return!

New Website is Live!


It's been a few long days in the making but our upgraded website is now live and accepting orders!

All user accounts and order history have transferred over.

Right now there are a few odds and ends that need tweaking but 95% of the website is up and operational. If you notice something acting a little funny let us know about it and we will also be in the process of getting things up to 100%.

Thank you for your patience during our downtime!

Register for the NEAFP Alpaca Store Locator!


Register your Alpaca Store!

NEAFP will be launching an Alpaca Store Locator so people can find local farms and shops in their community that carry our U.S. Grown, U.S. Made Alpaca Products. Each year NEAFP receives 1,000's of inquiries from people across the country (and beyond) looking for our products at the retail level so this is a great way to promote your store and drive business to your doorstep.

NEAFP website going down for upgrade June 26th, 2016


We wanted to give everyone a heads up that our website will be going down on June 26th for scheduled maintenance and an upgrade.

The upgrade process should take 6 to 8 hours in total.

All user accounts will be transferring over to the new website, the only thing that may be lost is everyone's saved shopping carts.

To avoid any loss, we are encouraging everyone to checkout with their saved carts before June 26th.

Thank you!

Introducing the Spindle City Collection Headbands

Everyone here at NEAFP is very proud to announce our newest product additions, The Spindle City Collection Headbands. These first three headband designs were inspired by our home city Fall River's rich textile history.

Fall River, Massachusetts was once considered the textile capitol of the world and lovingly referred to as the "Spindle City." Known for it's rich textile history and iconic granite mills, this collection uses the architecture that continues to shape the city's culture as inspiration for these modern, abstract designs. Here at NEAFP, we are proud to be a part of Fall River's textile legacy as well as the resurgence in domestic manufacturing.

The Spindle City Collection is:

  • Made with Alpaca Fiber Grown on U.S. Farms
  • Knit with Yarn Spun in a Century Old New England Mill
  • Inspired, Designed, & Built in Fall River, Massachusetts


Watch The Spindle City Collection Video!

May NEAFP Note: Spring Showers bring New Products, A Sale, & Fiber Collections


Read the Newsletter in Full:

In this month's NEAFP Note:

Around the Mill

The Spindle City Collection

A Sale Announcement

New Wrist Warmer Patterns

Upcoming Alpaca Shows

Regional Collection Points

& The 7th Annual Shearing Competition

Snowflake Earflaps available again with an updated look


Snowflake Earflap Beanies are officially back in stock with an updated look for 2016. This year we used our SURI Alpaca blend yarn for the base of the hat and added splashes of color for the snowflake design. They are available now and ready to ship so check them out!

More DYED Cable, Watch, and Beanie Hats are hitting the shelves


Back in stock on the website: