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Alpaca Knitter's Yarns & The Magic of Unicorn Yarn


Alpaca Knitter’s Yarns
& The Magic of Unicorn Yarn

Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but we LOVE Alpaca Knitter’s yarns, and we especially love working with our dyed Unicorn Yarns. Every batch of Unicorn Yarn is unique, and each new colorway inspires heaps of new project ideas.

Why Alpaca Yarn?

Alpaca yarns are strong, yet soft. Like other alpaca products, the fiber used in Alpaca Knitter’s Yarns is a great insulator, meaning that hats, mittens, and afghans made out of alpaca yarn will keep you warmer in cold weather, than synthetic fibers and many other natural fibers. Don’t discount alpaca in warmer weather, either, as alpaca yarns make for breathable lightweight garments as well. A sportweight alpaca yarn could be the best choice for your next fluttery spring shawl. Our current blend of Knitter’s Yarns (70% US Alpaca and 30% US Merino Wool) is a much more sustainable, renewable choice when compared to yarns made out synthetics like acrylic! 

While everyone’s preferences differ, we’ve put together a table that will jumpstart your Alpaca Knitter’s Yarn know-how!

Sportweight Alpaca Yarn in natural and unicorn colors is suitable for a variety of projects. We've used sportweight yarn to make accessories like lightweight beanies and scarves, but sportweight yarn is also the perfect weight for craft projects like amigurumi!

DK Weight Alpaca Yarn is an incredibly versatile yarn, with just a bit more weight than Sportweight. The go-to yarn for our resident crocheter, DK yarn promises to make a warm and cozy hat, and works up quickly for larger projects like blankets.

Bulky Weight Alpaca Yarn more than lives up to its name. It glides across your knitting needles or crochet hooks like butter! Think thick cables and oversized cowls. Some chunky knit stockings are on our crafting to-do list for this year!


If you're trying to think of a project to keep you busy on the cold and dreary days of winter, take some inspiration from our past projects! We love all our knitter's yarns, but as you can see, we REALLY love working with Unicorn Yarn!