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Article: Form Follows Function: Dressing for Fall and Winter 2020


Have you heard the news? The blanket is Fall 2020’s must have fashion accessory. Once the unsung hero of the sofa, blankets have become the trusty companion for all things 2020: from zoom chats, to outdoor dining, to drive-ins. As outdoor alternatives to common leisure activities like dining and concert-going have become extremely popular, venues and customers are finding ways to keep warm, and alpaca farm stores are poised to take advantage of these new trends.

A Barrage of Outdoor Alternatives

Outdoor dining has become hugely popular. With cold weather creeping in, restaurants are adapting by providing patio heaters and blankets to patrons. Cities like New York are considering extending provisions that would allow outdoor dining into the winter season. Drive-in theaters have also seen a resurgence in popularity since March, and new venues continue to pop up. Concerts have been sidelined in lieu of drive-in concerts, and drive-thru haunted houses popped up across the country for halloween. Cities are already planning similar events for later holidays, such as Dayton’s Holiday Drive-Thru Parade. It’s expected that winter recreational activities will be extremely popular this year. Just as consumers flocked to stores for swimming pools and bicycles this summer, Minnesota stores are already reporting a high demand for ski gear.

It seems easy to discount the wearable blanket as the newest fad, but our new leisure activities point to an actual need for comfortable, warm, and versatile goods. As an alpaca farmer, you have access to an abundant source of cozy, cold weather accessories available for fall and winter excursions! Here are some trends to look out for.

Blankets Galore


Consumers are looking for a comfy blanket that looks as good on the bed as it does draped around the shoulders on a cold night out. A Big Cable Alpaca Blanket is perfect for snuggling up under the stars at the next drive-in show, while the Cozy Baby Blanket’s size makes it easy to tuck away for outdoor adventures. While the Convertible Shawl (shown above) feels like you’re wearing a cozy blanket, it can also be worn as a scarf, shawl, poncho, or hood!

Toasty Toes

Cold feet can really ruin a good time. Warm, breathable, and odor resistant: Alpaca’s natural properties put it above others when it comes to the perfect footwear for fall and winter 2020. From the lightweight Backpaca, to the versatile Survival, to the full coverage High Calf, there’s a sock for every cold weather adventure. Alpaca Boot Inserts (below) add an additional layer of warmth between you and the cold, hard ground.


Stylish Utility

Without the need to dress up on a daily basis, consumers are reexamining their closets with a more critical eye, preferring sustainable pieces that are both better for the environment and their local communities. As cooler weather fast approaches, so does demand for high-quality, timeless knitwear. These consumers will appreciate premium alpaca products like Boucle Mittens (above), Cable Knit Beanies, and Classic Watch Caps. All of which combine the utility of a lining and classic styling, allowing them to be worn year after year.

Moving Forward

While 2020 has been unpredictable on the whole, we can predict that winter is fast approaching! As the past few months have illustrated, we often adapt to the cultural changes, and this year our fashion choices have changed along with our pandemic lifestyles. So, when you market your products over the next few months, be sure to keep in mind that your customers may be looking for something a little different this year!

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