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Article: 2020 Business Resources in Review

2020 Business Resources in Review

The NEAFP blog is a space where we share news, launch products, post coloring pages, and provide valuable resources for your alpaca farm business. To begin the new year, we’re highlighting the Business Resources that we shared in 2020, so you can be best prepared as we journey into 2021 together!

1.  Harnessing Holiday Sales Momentum in the New Year (Article)

Posted 1/7/2020
Read the Full Article: Harnessing Holiday Sales Momentum into the New Year

Alpaca farm stores across the nation reported that 2019 was a record year for sales of alpaca goods. It was no surprise that the holidays were a huge sales driver, as they were again in 2020. Many business owners find that sales fall flat after the holiday season, but this article offers alpaca farmers advice on how to continue to capture sales into the New Year.

2.   Mike and Sean's Adventure in Retailing (Article)

Posted 2/20/2020
Read the Full Article: Mike and Sean's Adventure in Retailing

Mike and Sean reported on their weekend at the 2020 Carolina Alpaca Celebration. With an overwhelming amount of general public, they spent much more time than usual hanging out with end consumers on the retail level. This article details their main takeaways from working a more retail focused alpaca show, with observations and advice that directly transfers to the alpaca farm store.

3.  Alpaca Knitter's Yarn Guide (Graphic)

Posted 2/20/2020
Download the Graphics: Alpaca Knitter's Yarn Guide

The first of many graphics-based resources of 2020, our "Guide to Alpaca Knitter's Yarns and The Magic of Unicorn Yarn" highlight the benefits of using alpaca yarns and offers suggestions on which yarns can be used for different projects. This article includes a handy "Alpaca Knitter's Yarn Guide" with information on the yardage and suggested needle size for all of our yarns.

4.  Get the Most out of your Fiber Harvest (Graphic)

Posted 3/16/2020
Download the Graphics: Get the Most out of your Fiber Harvest

We condensed our Fiber Harvesting Guide into a single infographic, so you can avoid the most common mistakes in alpaca fiber harvesting to ensure you finish with the highest commercially usable clip! With shearing only a few months away, be sure you're prepared by checking out this useful graphic.

5.  Virtual Farm Tours: Bringing People & Alpacas Together in the Virtual World (Article)

Posted 3/19/2020
Read the Full Article: Virtual Farm Tours: Bringing People & Alpacas Together in the Virtual World

In Spring 2020, social distancing was adapted as a widespread precaution against COVID-19. Our article suggested that farms adapt Virtual Farm Tours to remain connected to customers. With restrictions still in place across the country, it's still a good time to consider offering a virtual farm tour. Beyond immediate concerns, a virtual tour is more feasible for someone unable to visit due to distance, finances, or physical ability.

6.  Use Gift Cards to Increase Sales (Article)

Posted 3/30/2020
Read the Full Article: Use Gift Cards to Increase Sales

Many farms have seen an immediate pop in sales simply by accepting additional payment methods other than cash. With the steadily growing use of card payments, small businesses are beginning to incorporate not only debit and credit cards, but gift cards as well, due to their convenience and flexibility for everybody involved- the buyer, the receiver and the merchant. This article explains why you should begin offering gift cards at your alpaca farm and ways to go about doing it.

7.  The New Normal and a Renewed Support for U.S. Alpaca (Article)

Posted 6/08/2020
Read the Full Article: The New Normal and a Renewed Support for U.S. Alpaca

In June 2020 we took a look at the state of the U.S. Alpaca industry, as communities across the country realized the importance of supporting small business, buying local, and shopping sustainably. U.S. Alpaca continues to be at the forefront of a renaissance in local agriculture, U.S. manufacturing, and a call for more sustainable fashion. Our resilient farmers proved they were able to survive and even thrive under new conditions.

8.  Harnessing the Power of Storytelling to Promote your Alpaca Business (Article)

Posted 7/17/2020
Read the Full Article: Harnessing Storytelling to Market Your Business

As e-commerce became even more prevalent last year, the connection that people would normally make face-to-face at a market now occurs more frequently online. The conversations you've had in person, however, educating the public about alpacas and their fiber, can be translated into the digital world through storytelling. Using storytelling or emotional branding can be an extremely effective marketing tool, and we’re certain that alpaca farmers have many stories to tell!

9.  Customer Retention: Building Customer Loyalty for your Ecommerce Business (Article)

Posted 8/10/2020
Read the Full Article: Customer Retention: Building Customer Loyalty for your Ecommerce Business

Our August article highlighted the importance of customer retention for your business. The overall experience that you build for your customers throughout each interaction can instill a sense of loyalty to your brand, propelling them to return for future purchases. From your website, to the order process, to the delivery, and regular e-mail correspondence, you can use these tools to build customer loyalty for your ecommerce business.

10.  Alpaca Fiber Properties (Graphic)

Posted 8/21/2020
Download the Graphics: Alpaca Fiber Properties

Our Alpaca Fiber Properties Graphic is conveniently sized for 8.5 x 11" printer paper. It features alpaca's most commonly referenced characteristics - so print it out and bring it to your next market!

11.  How to Support Alpaca Farms (Graphic)

Posted 8/21/2020
Download the Graphics: How to Support Alpaca Farms

There are a lot of alpaca fans out there who would love to support your farm, even if they don't have the ability to purchase your products. We created this shareable graphic for social media, so you can show your followers that they can still support in other meaningful ways to get your business out there!

12.  A Change in the Seasons: Farms Continue to Adapt into the Busy Harvest Season (Article)

Posted 9/11/2020
Read the Full Article: A Change in the Seasons: Farms Continue to Adapt into the Busy Harvest Season

We followed up our June article in September by reviewing how farms were adapting to changes brought about by the pandemic. The harvest season is perhaps the busiest time of year for farms of all types, and the cooler weather typically coincides with the hustle and bustle of farmer's markets and craft fairs that extend into the winter months. Despite restrictions, farms continued to adapt and made the most of their circumstances.

13.  Sock and Handwear Comparisons (Graphic)

Posted 9/15/2020
Download the Graphics: Sock and Handwear Comparisons

In addition to September's article, we also created new, free sock and handwear comparison posters. These posters are sized at 8.5" x 11" for at-home printing, and can be posted at the farm or on your website! Perfect signage to help distinguish the difference between some of our most popular products!

14.  Form Follows Function: Dressing for Fall and Winter 2020 (Article)

Posted 11/13/2020
Read the Full Article: Form Follows Function: Dressing for Fall and Winter 2020

With cold weather approaching, we forecasted the upcoming trends in clothing and accessories for fall and winter 2020. Based on the rising popularity of outdoor alternatives to common leisure activities like dining and concert-going, we found that customers were searching for new ways to keep warm. As usual, alpaca farm stores were (and continue to be) poised to take advantage of these new trends!

15.  Shop Small this Holiday Season (Graphic)

Posted on 11/25/2020
​​​​​​Download the Graphics: Shop Small this Holiday Season

Small Business Saturday is always a big shopping day for Alpaca Farm Stores. We created a shareable graphic to encourage customers to shop small and local not just that Saturday, but all season long!


16.  Download Our Sock Photos for your Website (Download)

​​​​​​Download the Graphics: NEAFP Alpaca Sock Photo Resource Folder (Login to your Account to View)

We’re often asked whether alpaca farmers can use our photos and descriptions of NEAFP products on their personal pages. The answer is always a resounding YES! Part of our job is to make it easier for you, the alpaca farmer, to successfully run the fiber side of your business.

We hope that these Business Resource Blog Posts have been helpful.
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