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Article: 2020 Trends Shaping 2021 and Beyond


Growing Trend in Shopping Small

One positive trend to emerge from the shutdown last spring was the growing trend of people looking to support local businesses. 

75% of people surveyed by Groupon last year stated they planned on supporting small businesses as much as possible once pandemic restrictions were lifted in their areas. 

After seeing so many small businesses struggle through 2020, it’s never been more important to support them, as they are the true backbone of our country and communities. 

Last year we witnessed farms having their best Q4 in the fiber pool’s 24-year history and many are continuing that trend into the new year. 

We believe these headwinds will continue through 2021 and beyond as more people understand the importance of robust and diversified economies as part of their community. 

Global Tourism Industry Grinds to a Halt - Agritourism on the Rise


With global tourism grinding to a halt during the pandemic, people shifted their travel plans to regional trips they could reach by car.

Rural, remote, and quiet destinations are taking the place of the usual city hot spots. 

AirBnB even created their own Farm Stay category last year, catering to the growing demand for rural and low-key countryside travel trends.

We believe this trend of regional leisure travel, primarily by car, will continue in the years to come. 

As working from home also becomes the new normal, more and more people are looking to explore the great outdoors and get out of the house each weekend.

Many states are also looking to expand the definition of agri-tourism and offer more resources to help support the growing industry. 

Alpaca Farms around the country will be able to capitalize on this trend, by having agri-tourism events on the farm and offering accommodations for guests to stay for a small taste of the alpaca life.

eCommerce experienced 5 Years worth of Growth in 2020

Chart via DigitalCommerce360

eCommerce has been steadily growing over the last 10 years and reached a fever pitch last year with the closing of many in-person options.

U.S. consumers spent a total of $861 billion dollars online in 2020, a 44% jump from 2019. 

We believe it’s now more important than ever to have diversified sales channels, with a focus on growing the eCommerce side of your business. 

The best time to focus on the eCommerce side of your business was 14 years ago when the first iPhone was released, the 2nd best time to focus on it is this year. 

Customers will be looking for you across many channels so be sure at the very least, to have your business’s digital presence up to date!

The essential online touchpoints for your audience are Website, Social Media, and Email. 


Curbside Pickup + Local Delivery Options are here to stay

Although farmer’s markets and pop-up vending event opportunities diminished in 2020, the rise of local delivery and curbside pickup helped farms continue to serve their local communities effectively. 

Before the pandemic, curbside pickup options were already on the rise, led by grocery and hardware stores, and have now become fully mainstream.

Offering contactless pickup options for faster delivery (no more shipping delays!) is convenient for your local customers and some would even pay a premium if it were bundled with time spent watching the alpacas graze. 


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