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Introducing our latest Unicorn Yarn Colorways!


Updated June 16th, 2021

Desert Rose over Bulky Yarn - Added June 16th, 2021

Around these parts, the Hydrangea's leaves have sprouted and the flower buds are just starting to form.
All winter long, they look rather bare, without a single dignifying leaf to their name.
If you didn't know better, you may even consider them flat-out dead, aching to be dug up and replaced.
Luckily, with a little warmth and steady rains, they bounce back to vibrance and continue to blossom through the summer and fall months.
So much color, you can't drive a mile in New England without noticing someone's yard filled with their multi-color blooms.
Celebrating this time of year, when the landscapes come alive, we are happy to share our newest Unicorn Yarn colorway: Hydrangea!
Dyed over our all-natural Bulky Alpaca yarn, now available as part of our Limited Small batch offerings!
Added June 11th, 2021


Inland, it's a hot one.

With mother nature teasing August's relative humidity levels, and the sun trying to remind us who's boss, we SO appreciate the bay breeze this afternoon.
With the sun shining, and the sea breeze keeping our skin sane, we are excited to announce our two newest colorways.
These new hand-dyed Alpaca Yarns, done over our Bulky All Natural Yarn, are now available as part of our Limited Small Batch offerings!



The Daffodils have bloomed, serving as a friendly reminder gardening season is here!
Taking Spring as our muse, our newest Unicorn Yarn colorway celebrates these early bloomers popping up across New England.
Our Daffodil colorway is hand dyed over our Sportweight Alpaca Yarn and is available now as part of our Limited Small Batch offerings!
The Unicorns wanted to expand their horizons and turned to one of their favorite crystals for inspiration.
Amethyst is not only a beautiful crystal, it also is said to relieve stress, anxiety, and increase one's psychic abilities.
We hope this soothing colorway is able to impose some of Amethyst's properties on the handpainted yarn, and ultimately whatever is made with it!
This Amethyst colorway, hand-dyed on our Alpaca Sportweight Yarn, is available now as part of our Limited Small Batch offerings!