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New Unicorn Alpaca Yarn Colorways: Red Rocks, Pearl, and Macaw!


Every day is Earth Day when you turn to the natural world around you for inspiration.
The Unicorns are at it again, channeling one of their favorite places, to produce this new handpainted alpaca yarn: Red Rocks.
Limited Quantities are available as part of our Small Batch offerings!
Pearls are officially the world's oldest gem and are said to be born of the Earth’s waters and heaven’s powers, fertilized by a flash of lightning.
Pearls are a freak of nature and are only formed when a piece of shell or irritant becomes dislodged and trapped inside the oyster's soft body.
Protecting itself from this foreign object, the oyster creates these beautiful and timeless keepsakes.
Like the pearl, our new Unicorn Alpaca Yarn colorway is timeless and classic, making it a perfect choice for your next knitting project.
Available now over our Sportweight yarn, as part of our Limited Small Batch offerings!
The Unicorns are daydreaming about tropical island vacations and we can't blame them.
After a long drawn out New England winter spent mostly inside cursing the wind, the Blue and Gold Macaw seemed all too fitting for our latest colorway inspiration.
Vibrant, exotic, and sometimes foul-mouthed, what's not to love?
Our Macaw colorway is now available over our Sportweight Alpaca Yarn as part of our limited small batch offerings!