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Fiber Collection: California fiber drop off announced!


Cynthia Kuhlmann of Sierra Rose Alpacas is now a fiber drop-off location for NEAFP!

Accepting fiber until October 17th, 2021 by appointment.


Sierra Rose Alpacas is located at:

15895 Greenhorn Rd.

Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Google Map Directions


Here are all the details:

We will accept your fiber, boxed by you and ready to ship, and put it on a pallet and ship to NEAFP.

The collection starts Sept. 20, 2021 and closes October 17, 2021.

This will save in shipping costs for all who participate: If you are attending Gold Country Gathering in Grass Valley, this is a good time to drop your ready-to-go boxed fleece at Sierra Rose Alpacas - just 15 min from the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Make an appointment for drop-off!



  • Enroll in NEAFP for either their FIBER PURCHASE or FIBER BANK program.
  • Print DEPOSIT SLIP FORMS for your fleece and package it according to NEAFP requirements. DEPOSIT SLIP FORMS are on the NEAFP website.
  • Bag and Box your fleece for shipping and credit for your farm per their instruction.
  • Use standard shipping boxes only such as 16x16x16, Cube-like boxes. Sierra Rose Alpacas will not box your fleece, we are only accepting ready-to-go boxed fiber, taped closed & ready to ship.
  • Make an appointment with to drop off your boxed fleece at her ranch.
    • We are only 15 minutes from the Gold Country Gathering so you can make an appointment during that event if you want.
  • For more information on which program to join, and how to properly label your fiber for receipt at NEAFP, visit their website.


2021 Update: Regional Collection Transportation Fee

To help offset growing transportation costs, we are implementing a $10 transportation fee per 50 lbs submitted using Regional Collection Points for 2021.
Fiber Transportation Fee Rate Example Table (based on incoming weight)

1 to 50 lbs = $10
51 to 100 lbs = $20
101 to 150 lbs = $30
151 to 200 lbs = $40

The transportation fee applies to incoming weight and will be invoiced to each farm once their fiber has been sorted through by NEAFP.

The transportation fee will help offset the growing costs of running the collections and give us the resources to expand them in the future.

The Fiber Transportation Fee is waived for all host farms running regional collections and fiber drop-offs.

We hope this helps you get motivated to get your clip out of your barn and into production!!

Cynthia Kuhlmann