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Introducing our Alpaca Felt Cutout Packs!


Looking for a quick and fun way to express your creativity while adding a splash of color and personalization to your alpaca products?

Our Alpaca Felt Cutouts come in assorted shapes and can quickly be needle felted onto our Teardrop Felt Trivets or any other alpaca product you can dream up.

Our assorted pack comes with a Moon, Star, 2x Hearts, 5x Flowers, and 3x Leaves - giving you some options and the ability to embellish several different items.

Offer them as add-ons to your customers so they can needle-felt them on their products or you do the needle felting and make some of your offerings extra special and one-of-a-kind items!

It may even end up hanging on someone’s wall as a piece of art!
Made in the USA with U.S. Grown Alpaca

Each Alpaca Felt Cutout - Assorted Pack comes with:- 1x Moon, 1x Star, 2x Hearts, 5x Flowers, & 3x Leaves


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