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Introducing Cradle 2 Grave Upcycled Alpaca Products


We are excited to share our Cradle 2 Grave - Upcycled Alpaca Products

as part of our Limited Small Batch offerings.


All of the items offered under Cradle 2 Grave are one-of-a-kind items that are made from our cut and sew textile waste!

These bits and scraps of precious U.S. alpaca yarn and knit fabric pile up as we make all of our hats and scarves.

Being mindful of the life cycle of our products, with a goal of reducing our downstream waste while increasing our re-use options for everything we make - Cradle 2 Grave products were born!


Upcycled Alpaca Striped Beanie - Cradle 2 Grave

Our Alpaca Striped Beanie is an upcycled take on a classic winter hat

that will keep you warm on the outside and inside!


Using cut and sew scraps from alpaca scarves and headbands, we put together this bold yet down-to-earth beanie, showcasing all of U.S. Alpaca's amazing features of comfort while creating something new out of our textile mill waste.

The soft + warm alpaca fabric exterior is lined with a micro-fleece lining to block wind and protect your head and ears from the elements.

These Upcycled Alpaca Striped Beanies are truly one-of-a-kind and produced in small limited batches based on what other products and colors we have in production.

A truly feel-good product for your discerning, environmentally conscious alpaca lovers!

Each Striped Beanie is made to "Adult Size- One Size Fits Most". There will be slight size variation from beanie to beanie, batch to batch, as these are pieced together by mill scraps. We recommend customers try these on to find their perfect fit!



Available Now while Inventory Lasts

as part of our Limited Small Batch Offerings