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New Product: Crossover Cable Alpaca Blanket



Our new Crossover Cable Alpaca Blanket is a perfect weight and size to wrap up with on the couch or by the campfire.

We've blended soft + comforting U.S. Grown Alpaca with U.S. Grown Merino to create this locally grown, locally made all-natural addition to our offerings.

Alpaca and Merino's thermal regulating properties help create a warm, soft, and cozy blanket without the excess bulk.

Naturally hypoallergenic and odor resistant, your new favorite blanket will stay fresh day after day, night after night.

Stay cozy naturally with this U.S. Grown, U.S. Made Alpaca Blanket + feel good knowing it supports natural fiber farms & mills across the country.



Available in BOLD Slate Grey

Fiber Requirement: 2 lbs Prime

Dimensions: 60" x 54"

Content: 70% U.S. Alpaca, 30% U.S. Merino

Just one production run of this new blanket in 2022,

available at Fiber and Wholesale Pricing while supplies last!