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NEAFP Article: Off the Beaten Path Agritourism Ideas


Did you know that Agritourism globally brought in $62.5 billion in revenue and is projected to reach $118.6 billion by 2032? In the U.S. last year, it's estimated that over 28,500 farms held at least one Ag-tourism event, was your Alpaca Farm one of them?

Alpaca Farms remain in the perfect position to fill up its calendars with on-the-farm events this Summer and Fall. Generate revenue in a typically slower product sales season while connecting with your target audience locally and begin sowing the seeds for a great Winter and Holiday alpaca product sales season!

Not every event needs to be 100% Alpaca-focused; in fact, many people are seeking an authentic experience connecting outside with nature in an agricultural setting. If they happen to fall in love with the charming alpaca ambassador they are painting a portrait of and learn more about their sustainable fiber, it’s just an added bonus!

Looking for Ideas Off the Beaten Path for Events on the Alpaca Farm?

Remember: Consider events that cater to more than just the dye hard fiber artists in your community - expand your farms reach to the entire like-minded community!


On the Alpaca Farm Event Ideas to Jump Start your Creativity




By implementing these strategies, an alpaca farm can enhance its agritourism offerings, attract a broader customer base, and increase sales revenue. The combination of engaging experiences, education, and community involvement will create a sustainable and profitable agritourism venture. 


Take Agtourism to the next level by Offering Events and Classes this Summer!


Here at NEAFP we wanted to highlight hosting a “Bird Nesting Ball Making Event” as an example of creating an immersive experience in which your customers get to spend time with the alpacas, enjoy the scenery of your farm, create something that they can take away, and it will also give the participants time to shop in your farm store.



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