Mail-in / Drop-off

Shipping Fiber Directly to NEAFP

All fiber shipped to NEAFP must be properly identified with either a Fiber Bank Deposit Slip, Fiber Purchase Program Slip, or the Order Invoice the fiber is allocated to.

This way we can get your fiber sorted and checked into your account as fast as possible

Shipping Address (Commercial):


115 N. Seventh St.

Fall River, MA 02720


In our experience, the two best options for shipping fiber are USPS and UPS.

For packages under 25 lbs, USPS - Priority or Retail Ground are the most affordable options with the current DIM Weight changes implemented by all major parcel shippers.

To get the very best price on USPS, we recommend you create your shipping label through the USPS website and print it at home. This will also allow you to skip the line at the post office or arrange for it to be picked up.

For larger fiber shipments over 25 lbs and containing several boxes, UPS Ground becomes more economical but it is important for every farm to explore their options and find the very best bang for their buck.

If you have a large amount of fiber that can be palletized, consider arranging trucking to deliver your fiber. You can reach out to us and we will help you arrange trucking (at the customer's expense).

With the changes to dimensional weight factoring into the shipping cost, it's critical to reduce the volume of your shipment by compressing your fiber. All excess air should be removed from each fiber bag to reduce the size of your box as much as physically possible.

Each box mailed in should be practically bursting at the seams, just be sure to reinforce the edges so it makes it during transit.

Drop Off Your Fiber to NEAFP

If you want to save on shipping costs, and you can make the trip, consider dropping off fiber to our Mill directly! If you would like to drop off fiber with us, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our Mill is open for drop-offs Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Can't make it to NEAFP? Have too much fiber to mail?

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