NEAFP Product Photoshoot - 2012


We are excited to announce our latest project, the 2012 NEAFP Product Photoshoot!

Our goal was to showcase our alpaca products in action out in the wild. While brainstorming with the photographer about the look and feel of the shoot, we soon realized we are blessed to live in such a beautiful coastal New England town. We spent a few days with family and friends, setting up on several locations across our hometown, Westport, MA.

Locations ranged from Chris and Shelley's alpaca farm, Golden Touch Farm, to Horseneck Beach with many in between.

The combination of our amazing models, locations, photographer, and products has turned out to be a recipe for success. The New England heart and soul has been captured in this photoshoot, and we couldn't be happier with the finished results!

Keep your eyes peeled as these photos begin to creep up in our online product catalog.