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All the resources and guides you will need to start utilizing NEAFP.



How You Can Utilize NEAFP - The Services We Offer

Overview of Business Model - General breakdown on how our service works.

Getting Started Guide: In depth guide overviewing how our service works and the most important information in getting started with us. Topics Include: Placing an order, Sending in Fiber for Processing, Participating in Fiber Collections, Preparing and Shipping Fiber, Shipping to Us, Product Color Selection, and how to use the Fiber Bank.

Guide: Fiber Pricing vs. Wholesale - Learn about the two price points we offer: Fiber Pricing and Wholesale Pricing and where you can find them on the website.


FIBER Guides and Resources

Fiber Harvesting Guide (PDF) - Get the most usable fiber each year from your shearing.

Fiber Collection Guide (PDF) - How to participate in an upcoming Fiber Collection.

Grading Fiber Guide - Learn the basic requirements for getting your fiber prepared and sent to NEAFP.


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