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All the resources and guides you will need to start utilizing NEAFP.



How You Can Utilize NEAFP

The Services We Offer

Overview of Business Model

General breakdown on how our service works.

Getting Started Guide

In depth guide overviewing how our service works and the most important information in getting started with us. Topics Include: Placing an order, Sending in Fiber for Processing, Participating in Fiber Collections, Preparing and Shipping Fiber, Shipping to Us, Product Color Selection, and how to use the Fiber Bank.

Guide: Fiber Pricing vs. Wholesale

Learn about the two price points we offer: Fiber Pricing and Wholesale Pricing and where you can find them on the website.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Learn More about our Customer Loyalty Rewards Program!


FIBER Guides and Resources


Fiber Harvesting Guide (PDF) - Get the most usable fiber each year from your shearing.

Fiber Collection Guide (PDF) - How to participate in an upcoming Fiber Collection.

Grading Fiber Guide - Learn the basic requirements for getting your fiber prepared and sent to NEAFP.


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