4" Grapevine Natural Ball - To Make Nesting Balls

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These 4" Grapevine Natural Balls are the perfect base & size

to make your Alpaca Nesting Balls on the Farm!

In recent years, farms have had a tough time sourcing these balls consistently, with varying degrees of quality and price, so we decided to begin offering them to farms through the fiber pool!

Alpaca Nesting Balls have been a great product

for farms across the USA for over a decade!

If you aren't already, you should begin offering these to your farm visitors, made by you with your alpaca "waste" fiber.

They are what we consider a no-brainer for any alpaca farmer with a retail market.



It's a wonderful product that generates revenue from coarser, less consistent, or vegetable matter contaminated fleeces. Although this fiber is not suitable for yarn or next-to-skin clothing - these underutilized fibers are perfect for all-natural nesting material.

To make this product, the fibers don't need any further processing, saving you time + increased costs.




Many nesting birds will seek out fiber and stuffing to fortify their nests.

By offering an all-natural, biodegradable, and thermo-regulating fiber like your Alpaca as a nesting material option - they won't be searching through trash and discarded plastics to build their homes and protect their young.

As our environments become more polluted with microplastics that plague the environment for decades or longer, it's a no-brainer to offer a friendlier option, sharing the benefits of alpaca fiber with our feathered friends and their young ones.

Nesting Balls sell year-round, particularly well in the Spring and Summer, and around the holidays as they make a perfect one-of-a-kind gift for outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, and bird lovers.

By adding your alpaca fiber and creating the Alpaca Nesting Ball on the farm - it also is a product that directly supports you, your farm, and your herd!

When someone asks - What do you offer that is made on the farm with your alpaca's fiber? This is a perfect new addition to share with them.

This listing is for the 4" Grapevine Natural Balls - once they arrive, stuff + weave a few oz of your alpaca waste fiber, attach some natural hemp twine to hang, and begin offering them to your farm lovers and supporters!

Buy one to make for yourself or take advantage of the 12+ quantity discount to increase your profit margins while sharing them with your local community and beyond.


Each ball is approximately 4 to 5" in diameter, made from a natural dried Grapevine

Suggested Retail:

U.S. Alpaca Farms are selling finished Alpaca Nesting Balls for between $15 to $25,

depending on the quality and local market.